Help Canadians With Anxiety During The COVID-19 Pandemic

With the rise of the coronavirus, many Canadians have been struggling with heightened anxiety during this time of uncertainty.

Now, your help is needed more than ever. Help us ensure that any Canadian can get access to free, educational resources about anxiety to weather this pandemic.


of Canadians who struggle with anxiety.

of Canadian health care

spending goes to mental health.



That's not enough to support the

We're committed to supporting people during this pandemic.

But our team needs your help.

With the help of our volunteers and

supporters, Anxiety Canada provides:

1.9 million people with access to online courses, educational videos, and support directories. 

370,000+ people with tools for managing anxiety through our MindShift CBT app.

70,000+ subscribers access to digital outreach channels to reduce the stigma around mental health

Help us provide Canadians with access to free mental health support during this difficult time.

Thank you. It’s generous donors like you who understand the 

value of mental health support and make what we do possible.

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